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Calligrapher Sage Culture Festival to be calling card of Linyi

2016-09-05 13:24:53   Source:sdchina.com

  The 14th Linyi Calligrapher Sage Culture Festival kicked off Sunday in Linyi, east China’Shandong Province. Ten major events and eight related activities are set to be held including art exhibition, cultural experience activity, expo and fair, cultural tourism and special forum. The first Calligrapher Sage Calligraphy Exhibition, one of the major activities of the festival, has collected over 2,000 works nationwide and from countries such as the US and Japan.

  This year, the culture festival, themed “Linyi China, Birthplace of Calligrapher Sage”, strives to foster a cultural feast for the people and enhance its influence worldwide. The festival consists one main venue, Shusheng Pavilion, also known as Linyi Art Gallery, and parallel venues such Linyi People’s Square, Linyi University, former residence of Wang Xizhi, Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center, etc.

  Linyi boasts profound historical and cultural deposits and has long been known as the “picturesque ancient city endowed with numerous celebrities”. Calligrapher Sage Wang Xizhi, Wisdom Sage Zhuge Liang, calligraphy master Yan Zhengqing and Sage Tseng Tzu were born here or once worked here. Having been successfully held for 13 years, the brands of “Famous Chinese Calligraphy City” together with “Birthplace of Calligrapher Sage Wang Xizhi”have become a brilliant calling card of Linyi City.