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Mhmd Dohman, experience different cultures in Shandong

2018-10-16 11:43:21   Source:sdchina.com

Recently, overseas students from Yemen and South Korea paid a visit to the 7th Shandong Cultural Industries Fair which was held from October 11 and 15 at Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the fair, they got a general understanding of the province's cultural industry as well as experiencing cultures from over 30 countries and regions.

Entering the exhibition area, exquisite German wooden clocks, African handicrafts with ethnic characteristics and colorful artworks from Iran displayed in the international exhibition area drew the attention of the foreign students.

In the German exhibition area, Mhmd Dohman, from Yemen, was dazzled by the thousands of exhibits and showed great interest in them.

He took a selfie in front of the world famous paintings he loves most, Young Girls at the Piano and Napoleon Crossing the Saint Bernard Pass in the Alps, which were made of gold and showcased in theTaiwan exhibition area.

In the cultural technology exhibition area on the third floor, Mhmd Dohman experienced cultural and creative products using cutting-edge technologies such as the AR products and somatosensory race cars.

Mhmd Dohman was amazed at the paper-cuts made by artists from just a piece of red paper in the Jining exhibition area. Scissors fly and shuttle in the hands of the artist, and the red paper transforms into a beautiful peony in just a few minutes. Having witnessed the whole process, Mhmd Dohman was eager to learn how to make a paper-cut. Under the guidance of the work staff, he completed a paper peony by himself.

"This is my first time to visit Shandong Cultural Industries Fair. I have seen brilliant traditional arts and crafts, creative design, intangible cultural heritage and artistic performance from different countries. They are really amazing, " Mhmd Dohman said in an interview with sdchina.com. "It is incredible for me to experience cultures of different nations and countries in Shandong!"